The parks in and around Kensington and Chelsea are fabulous hideaways from the commotion of London city life. Put away that brief case this weekend and bust out the ol’ croquet set. With parks in the borough such as the gorgeous Holland Park and Kensington Gardens, there’s no reason to sit indoors on a sunny afternoon. The Royal Parks also manages the Brompton Cemetery within the borough, which residents use as a green space to walk their dogs or go for a run. The cemetery provides a beautiful, not to mention historical, backdrop to your daily morning stroll.

Other parks around the outskirts of the borough include the famous Hyde Park, which is neighbour to Kensington Gardens, as well as Battersea Park, which is just south of the river along the Chelsea Embankment. Both of these parks promote fitness and well-being with opportunities to rent rowboats or bikes, as well as offering group fitness classes.

Explore the inspiration for J.M. Barrie’s tales of Peter Pan in the whimsical Kensington Gardens or the inspiration for Beatrix Potter’s tales in the legendary Brompton Cemetery. Perhaps one of these spaces will stimulate your imagination too! 

Battersea Park
Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, SW11 4NJ

Battersea Park is located just on the Chelsea Embankment across the iconic Chelsea Bridge. It’s the ideal place to go for a morning run and enjoy the fresh outdoors within a city, whilst having spectacular views of the Thames. There is no shortage of activities within Battersea Park, as there are a wide variety of sporting facilities you can reserve, as well as equipment rentals, including bikes and paddle boats. Battersea also boasts a wide variety of gardens, including a rose garden, a ye olde English garden and a sub tropical one too.

Brompton Cemetery
Brompton Cemetery, SW10 9UG

We know what you’re thinking – A cemetery? That’s not a park! The Brompton Cemetery, however, is managed by the Royal Parks and despite its dismal status as a cemetery, is a gorgeous space to go for a stroll and enjoy some green space just off the Old Brompton Road. It’s also an easy cut through from the Old Brompton Road to the Fulham Road and is a constant reminder of London’s rich history and culture.

Holland Park
Holland Park, Ilchester Place, W8 6LU

Tucked between High Street Kensington and Notting Hill, Holland Park offers a great variety of entertainment. It has sports facilities, a giant chess set, beautiful green space, wildlife and even an open-air opera house during the summer months. Holland Park was also formerly the private grounds of a manor house until it was destroyed in WWII. The ruins of this house still remain to this day and seem to whisper tales of its rich and extensive history.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park, W2 2UH

Hyde Park is a beautiful London park with many opportunities for members of the public to enjoy. Whether you just want to chill out in a deck chair, go for a swim in the Serpentine Lido or learn to ride a horse – Hyde Park has it all. The beautiful green space is perfect to enjoy a picnic on a warm summer’s day or play a traditional game of Conkers in the autumnal months. There are also tennis courts for hire, as well as rowing and pedal boats. With over 350 acres, Hyde Park has many nooks and crannies for you to Hyde and seek.

Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens, W2 2UH

Kensington Gardens is a beautifully landscaped park with many a hidden treasure for the public to explore. Here you will find the Italian Gardens, the Albert Memorial, which is just across the road from the Royal Albert Hall, a statue in tribute of the author who wrote Peter Pan, as well as other statues and pieces of art. It is also where you will find Kensington Palace, which is the official home to Prince William, the Dutchess of Cambridge and Prince George.